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How does your seagoing service time after age 40, affect when you can withdraw your pension?

Members of the Maritime pension fund who were born before 1970 and have earnings before 1 January 2020 are included in the seagoing service based scheme.

The retirement age in the seagoing service based scheme is, as a general rule, 60 years. A condition for receiving a pension at age 60 is that you have stopped working on ships in the scheme.

For people who started in the service in 1969 or later, it is a condition that you have at least 120 pensionable seagoing months (ten years) after reaching the age of 40 in order to be able to draw a pension at the age of 60. People who have fewer than 120 seagoing months after reaching the age of 40 can only draw the pension from a later date. We call this deferred retirement age.

The rules for deferred retirement age are as follows:


For every two months missing in order to claim 12 months after reaching the age of 40, the pension withdrawal must be postponed by one month.


Below are some examples of how the rule plays out:


Seagoing service time after age 40 Possible withdrawal age
120 months 60 years
108 months 60 years and 6 months
96 months 61 years
72 months 62 years
60 months 62 years and 6 months
48 months 63 years
24 months 64 years
0 months 65 years