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Documentation must be submitted electronically

A list of vessels/installations and documentation that need to be submitted can be found on the employers’ portal. Please contact us if you need to register new vessels or need to end current vessels that are registered in the portal. For those submitting the premium documentation via files, the files can be uploaded on this portal. Please contact us if you need any help to use the portal.

New employer
If you are a new employer, we need to register your information in our system. Please fill out the form about new employer and vessel/installations and access rights. When we have received this information, a consultant will contact you.

Please note that a documentation must be completed for each vessel covered by the Maritime Pension Fund.

Premium Rates

The table below shows the employee premium rate for seamen and the premium rate for employers engaged in fishing, both divided in monthly and half-month premiums.
If an employee receives payment for 15 days or less for one month, a half-month premium shall be deducted. If he/she is being paid for 16 days or more, full premium will be deducted.

From June 1st 2019:

Gr Employee Premium Employer premium fishing and hunting
15 days or less 16 days or more 15 days or less 16 days or more
1 584 kr 1168 kr 876 kr 1753 kr
2 454 kr 909 kr 682 kr 1363 kr

Here you can find past premium rates:Premium rates 1993-2018

How the rates are calculated:

Employee premium:
The employee premium amounts to 1.17 percent of the Norwegian social security’s basic amount per month for group 1 workers and 0.91 percent of the basic amount for group 2 workers.

Employer premium:
As a rule, the employer premium is 3.3 percent of the sailor’s gross income (the same amount of income that is used to calculate the employer’s social security contributions). The employer premium for workers on fishing and fishing vessels is 150% of the employee premium (see table).

The minimum employer premium for an owner and restaurateur is 150% of the employee premium.

The company is responsible for the employee premium for any employee on board and is entitled to deduct it from the rental settlement.
The premium rates are adjusted at the same time as the adjustment in the Norwegian social security’s basic amount from June 1st each year.