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Step 1

You will be enrolled in the Martitime Pension Fund by your employer when you start work on a vessel that is covered by the Maritime Pension Fund.


Step 2

You accrue seagoing service for each month you work on board the vessel.


Step 3

Log into the portal at any time to find an up-to-date summary of your recorded seagoing service.


Step 4

Use the pension calculator to calculate your future  pension.


Step 5

If you stop work at sea, you retain your pension rights with the Maritime Pension Fund. You will continue to have access to the members’ portal where you will find a summary of your recorded seagoing service.


Step 6

Three months before you reach retirement age, you will be able to apply for your  pension or a one-off payment in five simple steps on the members’ portal.


Step 7

You will usually receive a response within a few minutes. Our decision will be sent to your inbox on the members’ portal.


Step 8

If you you are granted a pension, it will be paid to you on the 20th of every month until your 67th birthday.