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How long does my seagoing service have to be before I qualify for a pension?

You must normally have a minimum of 150 months of seagoing service to qualify for a pension. If you have between 12 and 149 months of seagoing service, you will be able to add certain types of external seagoing service to meet the minimum requirement:

  • Seagoing service from the Norwegian Guarantee Fund for Fishermen
  • Service under another public service pension scheme (e.g. the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund) applicable to accrual of service on maritime vessels
  • National service completed before 1981 if your service commenced within six months of the expiry of pensionable service or maritime training
  • Service on other EU/EEA-country vessels according to the provisions of the Agreement on the European Economic Area

Your external seagoing service is not included in the basis for calculation of the size of your pension.